What Not To Do

Perhaps you've wandered into our Careers section by mistake. Are you in fact really happy right where you are? Do you want to stay there indefinitely? We can even help you achieve that goal.

On this page we provide a list of What Not to Do during the interview process. If you're really committed to never progressing in your career, just follow these tips. Our list of guaranteed interview-busters sets a new low in the field of job search tips.

Look upon our list of What Not to Do, and be warned
  • Get there when you get there. Promptness is overrated
  • Don't worry about your personal hygiene
  • Don't get a neat haircut or style
  • Got piercings? Flaunt them
  • Dress casually and carelessly
  • Better yet: Show what a fashion trend-setter you are
  • Your resume is good enough
  • Why bother with extra copies?
  • Spell check is for sissies!
  • Supporting documents? Who needs them?
  • Make excuses
  • Blame other people
  • Speak negatively of previous jobs and co-workers
  • Don't bother with tact or courtesy
  • Immaturity rocks!
  • Be aggressive
  • Refuse to start at a lesser position, especially if you're new to the field
  • Express yourself poorly
  • Don't bother to display interest or enthusiasm for the job
  • Don't do any homework about the company or its needs
  • Never ask questions. That's the interviewer's job
  • Long, rambling, general answers are just fine
  • Avoid career planning and long term goals
  • Don't plan out your desired career path
  • Show how nervous and unsure you are
  • Don't worry about poise or posture
  • Have a good look around. Don't worry about eye contact
  • Demonstrate a lack of confidence in your own abilities
  • Keep a straight face. What could be funny in an interview?
  • This one's a definite winner: Ask about money and benefits at your first interview
  • And another sure-fire rule: Massage the truth to look good
  • Don't bother to thank the interviewer. He's just doing his job

Follow these tips and we can pretty much guarantee that you'll never have to undergo the inconvenience of moving ahead in your career.

On the other hand, if this approach doesn't quite meet your needs, why not take a look at the rest of our Interview Tips section?