At the Client Site

You've found a great job. Now you can stop worrying about your career and get down to work -- right? Actually, no.

Ideally, each of your positions -- whether they're W-2 employment or contract jobs -- will build on the ones before, as you develop a professional body of work.

An essential aspect of that body of work is your professional reputation. This section provides some useful tips on how you can fit in best at the work site, and specific advice on ways you can develop a reputation as a responsible, reliable and knowledgeable professional.

Study the advice on how to develop and project a Professional Demeanor, and compare these tips to the ways you currently interact at your work environment.

Review our What to Wear at Work page for useful tips that will help you blend in while still projecting a professional image.

On our Privacy Considerations page we provide additional advice that can help you steer clear of problems at work. Workplace privacy -- or rather, the almost complete lack of it -- has become a real problem for many employees and consultants. Take some time and read this section, whether you're actively looking for your next position, or not.